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Un servicio de uso de software (SaaS) de análisis sensorial.

What requirements does my device need in order to use SENSESBIT?

Internet access and a web browser.

How do I access the platform?

Mediante la web Desde el login de esta web, al introducir usuario y contraseña, accederás a tu área de administrador.

What kind of device can I use to access SENSESBIT?

You can access it from any device: PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc., regardless of their operating system.

Do I need any additional programme or application in order to use SENSESBIT?

No, SENSESBIT is used throughout the whole sensory analysis process, from the moment the customer carries out the survey to the displaying of results, including all the necessary statistical processing, the validation of the trained panel, the cross-referencing of consumer data with the trained panel in order to obtain the sensory key drivers...

Does the consumer access the same SENSESBIT platform as I do?

In SENSESBIT there are 4 roles: administrator, consumer, judge and see reports

  • The administrator accesses an area where all the necessary modules are available to carry out the sensory study.
  • The consumer accesses an area where the survey code is requested, upon entering it will direct them to the corresponding survey.
  • The judge agrees to an area very similar to that of the consumer, in which the survey will talk about more complex attributes of the product.

¿Ofrecéis servicio de asistencia técnica?

Online / telephone training and technical assistance by specialized personnel.

Can I see how SENSESBIT works?

Yes. Request a demo and we will contact you.

Are the results exportable?

Sí, a una hoja de cálculo. Además, SENSESBIT genera un informe automático para la toma de decisiones ágiles.

How long does is take to get the results?

Los resultados son inmediatos.


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