What is SENSESBIT for?

Our software responds to the needs of the different departments of your organization, adapting perfectly to each of your requirements.

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Increase your sales

The effectiveness of the sales process and the conversion rate depends directly on the sensory value of the product. Aspects such as the colour, smell, texture or taste of a product directly influence consumers.

To optimize your sales process, with SENSEBSIT you can:

  • Invest in the differentiating attributes of your product that the customer actually perceives and target your promotion to them.
  • Design and implement your positioning strategy and base product formulation on sensory criteria (e.g. packaging vs. product quality).
  • Using sensory elements to sell more in e.g. large retail chains
  • Identify sensory insights (what the consumer is not able to say but values enough to be rejected or delighted in the market).
  • Maintain a system of observation against competitors to know their positioning and whether they have changed anything in the formula.

Ensure quality

The quality of your product is measured against the competition and against similar products.

To ensure the highest production quality, with SENSESBIT you can:

  • Identify changes in the production department
  • Ensure traceability over time, identifying batches with incidents or anomalies.
  • Manage your trained tasters panel and their validation
  • Calibration with regard to ISO regulations when required for objectivity criteria.
  • Take action on an objective basis with respect to the product.
  • Orienting the final price of the product in relation to quality

Orient your R&D

Innovation is part of an organisation's regular strategy for economic sustainability. Anticipate the market before launching products through sensory testing of prototypes.

To optimize the go-to-market process, with SENSESBIT you can:

  • Avoid incurring unwanted production and marketing costs.
  • Adaptation of production proccess based on the result of sampling
  • Adapt your product to new markets with different cultural characteristics.
  • Reformulate the product and optimize it: reducing or modifying ingredients by those that add value, changing the raw material supplier, etc.

Sensory analysis within reach

Request your demo and discover the most relevant sensory key drivers to guarantee the success of your product on the market.