Automatic reporting


SENSESBIT is a software designed to support sensory analysis, adapted to the needs of each sector for companies that want to focus on the consumer and manage their own studies autonomously.


What is SENSESBIT used for?

With SENSESBIT you will be able to manage a sensory analysis in a comprehensive way: create a survey, manage the answers, visualize and analyze the results and obtain a complete report with all the conclusions. A customizable system, tailored to the client's needs and intelligent, since it automatically performs statistical analysis and generates reports.

Generate surveys

Select from survey templates according to the attributes of your product or create your own customized template, using the type of questions that best suit your needs: free response, single, multiple, triangular test, acceptance test, CATA, JAR, etc. You can customize with your own sensory tasting sheet.

DB Management

Store all the elements used (samples, users, questions...) to perform a sensory analysis and reuse them whenever you need them, for example, it has a list of more than 500 attributes with their definition and more than 100 surveys. With the management of the database you will have in a single system all the traceability of the sensory analysis.

Consumer panel management

Create a database with all the consumers who participate in your projects and filter by their personal data, tastes, usual products... , you can manage their tasting attendance to ensure that you comply with UNE-ISO standards.

Management panel of tasters

It trains, validates and analyzes the different panels ensuring that they comply with the requirements of the UNE-ISO standards in terms of quality control and calibration of the panel of tasters, automatic measurement of repeatability, homogeneity and discrimination. In addition, the system allows you to reward them for their work through a system of points accumulated according to the tastings carried out.

Capture management

Select and invite users with the profile that best suits your needs and plan your next tastings. Generate tasting histories and schedule future tastings to invite participants in the system itself.

Capture management

It works comfortably in a single tool that integrates all the steps to perform a sensory study. It allows you to store all the information in a spreadsheet and also to analyze it in different bar, line, radar, etc. graphs. It uses statistical methods such as ANOVA or Friedman by means of an intelligent system that automatically knows which method needs to be applied. All this by means of dynamic dashboards

Capture management

Identify and quantify sensory attributes to guarantee the success of your product in the market. It allows you to cross-reference information between the answers given by trained tasters and consumers and generate graphs with the results obtained.

Capture management

Get instant results as soon as the last consumer or trained taster fills in their tasting form. Automatic reports with different sections: objectives, materials, images, dynamic results graphs with dashboard and conclusions. All in compliance with UNE-ISO standards for sensory analysis.

Advantages of using SENSESBIT

Predicts and analyzes sensory insights and consumer tastes.


All in one

Performs a complete sensory analysis in a totally intuitive way.


100% personalized

Perform your own studies in a personalized way and adapted to your needs.


Optimize your activity

Make the most of your time, your raw materials and your marketing investments.


Sensory intelligence

You receive scientifically based results, analyzed with the latest statistical and sensory techniques.



Store all the information of the studies in the software and consult them whenever you need them.


Easy to use

Access SENSESBIT from any place and device, all you need is an internet connection.

SENSESBIT, always with you

All the help you need in just one click thanks to our technical assistance and training service in sensory analysis.

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